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Quality is cultured in all aspects of our business

Quality starts with customer relation and communication. We strive to become an extension of our customers business.
Pelican packaging uses state of the art automated packaging machines and equipment powered by a team of highly skilled engineers and technician. With the ability to fully customize component handling, vision inspection and electrical test, our process can be tailored to meet customer product and process control requirements. Volume packaging utilizes 100% automated final inspection reducing labor costs while minimizing human error and achieve the highest levels of quality assurance.

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On-time Delivery

On-time delivery starts with effective communication from the customer. Our array of tape and reel equipment provides flexibility to quickly setup your parts. Multiple automated packaging machines can be setup to produce 24 hours a day to meet any volume requirement. Focus on quality to get the job done correctly the first time!

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Maximize Process Speed to Lower Cost

Labor in California isn't cheap!
We rely on lean manufacturing and automation to lower our per piece price. Further by maximizing our machine utilization, process speed  and reducing machine stops; we can achieve the lowest possible price.

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Package Standard Components or Custom Applications

We support an array of product. Many are standard package sizes in low and high volume. However, we also have the ability to customize our packaging machine to support specific inspections, and electrical test. Please don't be afraid to ask if special requirements are needed!